What makes the perfect lawn?

You, is the simple answer. And what you think is the perfect lawn for you.

I think we all have a very different idea of what makes the perfect lawn. But I think the defining factor has to be that it is Green! 

Like all things in life, everyone has different tastes. I know that even in my family, we all have very different tastes on food, drinks, clothes and Netflix shows. So it makes sense in the wilder community, that everyone has different tastes in all things in life. Like food, drinks, clothes, Netflix and lawns.

Some people want a soft fluffy lawn. One like their grandparents used to have. A lawn you can take your shoes off and run all over. The soft green lawn that every weekend you can take your mower out and slowly glide all over their pride and joy with a rumbling machine, manicuring it to the finest detail. These people love getting out the fertiliser spreader and walking across the green just before rain to apply something that little bit special. To totally dominate the street! They have a  little sitting area, not on the lawn, but close by to admire their hard work. To them, this is a perfect lawn. 

To others the perfect lawn is a place where the kids can run, play , fall and do all the messy stuff outside on. A place where there are no bindi’s just green lawn to comfort everyone’s bare feet. Its the area where trampolines, slides and swing sets are a must, as well as somewhere to kick a ball. A tough robust lawn, that still comforts you when your body rests upon it. These lawns need to be able to handle picnics and paint. These peoples perfect lawns need to take a hammering and come back comforting bare feet each and every day. 

Then there are the people who want their lawn to be looked at and admired for its beauty. To look out their window and see green healthy happy grass gracing their homes, complimenting their perfect homes. But without them having to do a lot of work. Their lives are busy, and they want their lawn not to be. To these people their perfect lawn is a safe green inspiring place, without the fuss and bother. 

And then there are people like me. I love a beautiful green lush lawn. I hate winter and summer weeds. And I love a green space to sit upon in the sun, read a book and drink a wine or two with family and friends. I love a lawn that will handle my teenagers when they decide to play a quick game of hockey or football. I love a lawn that will handle the activities of my slightly fat dogs.

I have teenage kids who could really help put on the lawn or at home in general, but when they do it is a rush job. Usually they mow the lawn way too short. Its so they don’t have to do it again for a while, more efficient they tell me. They also have the same idea when it comes to most house work. Do it quick so they can do more of what they love. So I need a lawn that will recover fast, can thrive on a little neglect but is still there when I need to escape.  

Now I prefer a lighter Red wine. Like a Tempranillo. My husband prefers a Beer. And we live in the same house. Very different tastes, but we need to share the same space, or bottle sometimes. So not only does our perfect lawn need to meet what I want, and what our 3 kids need, it has to also meet what he wants too. And as a landscaper, he has a high ecxpectations of what he wants. But, like all tradies, he doesn’t want to do much when he gets home either. He prefers to exert his energy on other peoples lawns. So our perfect lawn needs to be tough, quick growing, withstand teenage laziness and then really activeness in burst, handle two slightly, (ok very ) overweight Kelpies and be able to absorb the occasional wine spill, and still stay nice and green. 

Is that asking too much? Nahhh. 

That is why at Coastal Turf we have 6 different varieties on offer. So everyone can find anyones perfect lawn for their home. No matter what your tastes. No matter what you want to use it for. No matter how much sunlight or lack of sunlight your home can offer your lawn. At Coastal Turf we try and find your perfect lawn to suit your home and lifestyle.

And we love doing it. Because, if like our place you have different personalities all living altogether, you need something that will make you all smile. Make you all want to share food and drink on the lawn together.