What makes a good Coastal Lawn?

What makes a good/perfect coastal lawn? 

Is it the green? Is it the colour? Is the softness? Is it the wearability? Is it the salt tolerance? Is it the shade tolerance? Is it the cooling effects/ the air conditioning effect? Is it the environmental benefits? It is all of these. 

 Or is it the way that it makes us all “feel”. 

That feeling of Home. The feeling of complete comfort and relaxation of coming home. Is it the wave of happiness that floods our system when we turn into our street, cruise down to our driveway, and gaze upon our destination. Our Home.  Framed by our gorgeous green lawn. That feeling of completeness that only coming Home will give you. 

That feeling of joy when you see your kids play on the lawn, laughing and giggling. The feeling of peace when you send the kids outside to play on the grass while you enjoy that 5 minutes of peace. 

So make that feeling last all day by having  a fantastic Coastal Turf Lawn. Make your lawn is the first thing you see as you come home and the last thing you see when you leave.