what do turf farmers do on the weekend?

Well most of you are thinking that turf farmers are probably caring and manicuring their farms on the weekend, but not so today for this part of the turf farming family. Part of being a mum is that your kids always have something that they want to do and things we have to do. My daughter is a dancer. Jazz this year. Who knows what next year. So today instead of sitting in my office or playing on the farm ( definety more fun than the office) I am sitting at dance concert rehearsal watching Hollie do her moves all nervous and excited. But I am not alone I have made my 2 boys come to but they had the good sense to bring DS ‘s.

So I hope you are at home enjoying your grass or thinking of ways to enjoy it and not at a dance rehearsal counting down minutes to leave. I am not a dancing mum. I am not organised enough! Maybe next week Tony might like to bring her. There are only 6 before the concert 😉 Oh well chat next week hopefully about grass and not how to properly tie jazz shoes.