What difference does a good Lawn make?

I must admit I am a bit of Facebook lover. I love trolling through all wonderful pictures my friends put up and have a look at their much more exciting lives that they all seem to have over mine. My life is full of playing in the mud, creating beautiful paddocks of Green grass to turn into peoples lawns, and running around after my wonderful 3 kids and husband. My friend have lives of going to exotic places, like the shops, and eating exciting food, like big juicy hamburgers (I’m on a diet can you tell?), with their perfectly dressed kids who never have anything on their face. Facebook kinda is like a Soap Opera, you know its all not really real, but its great to see and loose yourself in the funniness of it sometimes.


Thats why when I was looking last week I found on the Fox News site I subscribe to (www.fox.com.au) a wonderful blog about how a real estate agent had enhanced certain elements of a home, and made some disappear in order to generate more interest in a home for sale. The part I found most interesting was that the lawn was made to look a thick lush sparkling green colour rather than the dried out lawn that the author of the blog found. So what difference does a Good Lawn make to your home?

About $75,000 according to Turf Australia’s research. Good_LAwn_Bad_lawn_converted

These pictures were taken from the www.fox.com.au website. And yes it does make a big cash dollar difference and definitely a great big aesthetic value as well. I have friends of ours selling their house, and the first thing they asked us, was not to help them move, I assume that will come over the coming weeks. But to come and returf an area because the Real Estate agent said it could get them $20,000 more if the outside area looked perfect.

Its amazing what a little time and effort can gain you. And the people who know and put prices on these things definitely know. A nice green lawn is the best way to get attention. In the GOOD way.

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