Wet Weather Worries – Not any more with Coastal Turf

Well for all the Lawn Lovers, would be Lawn Lovers and the lawn owners, the rain can become a source of worry when it is as consistent as it has been over the last, well shall we say last couple of months, but it may have been longer. For those Would Be Lawn Lovers with nothing but soil (hopefully it hasn’t all run away in this rain) and mud at the moment, the rain can be a consistent reminder that you don’t have nice grass. And that all there is is mud and yuck! But Coastal Turf to the Rescue. We are able to still cut turf for you and still able to come and install it at your place so you don’t have to trounce around in the mud, we’ll come and play in it for you. And in one day you can go from mud and slop to gorgeous green outside. And no mud inside on your floors.

And for the Lawn Lovers out there and lawn owners, now is the time to watch your lawn for fungus infections as well as Lawn Grub infestations. For Lawn grubs, have a look at all dryer outdoor areas and on windows and screens for the little egg sacks. Wash them down now to avoid the nasty attacks that can come later on. Fungus infections are a lot more deadly than lawn grub infections because they can be misread as lawn grubs and treated wrongly.  If you see circles form in your lawn, go to your nearest trusted garden center and ask for the fungicide for your area. Everywhere gets different types of infections. But the quicker you get it the fast your lawn can recover. If you need any help give us a call and we will do our best either over the phone or we can send someone out to give you the expert TURF FARMER advice.


Well have fun in the Muddy puddles kids, and Have fun enjoying your grass grown ups and everyone in between have a great weekend.

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