Wet Weather School Holidays – Send the kids Outside to play on the Green Grass

Well there is only 2 weeks left until school goes back. And that means that my kids are just about at that stage of nearly hating each others company. The first couple of weeks we had exhausted family time, and then we had love to play with each other, and now we have the hate each other one moment to your my best friend the very next. Thats how I know that the school holidays are coming to an end. They are being to get sick of each others company and are looking for their friends again. THANK GOODNESS WE BOUGHT A TRAMPOLINE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!

I never thought I would utter those words, especially after the fun time my husband, father and i had putting the thing together on Christmas eve in semi darkness. But after this week of having the kids in and around the office, I love it. We live on our farm and the office, although detached from the house, is still pretty much staying home for the kids. So in the wet weather, when they can’t go down to the farm and play on the paddocks, I have sent them to the netted trampoline. The rules of the trampoline we bought say no shoes should be worn on the trampoline. My kids naturally think this means no shoes should be worn near, around, or even if you think about the trampoline. So they run from the verandah to the trampoline. Oh how I love my Palmetto to Coastal Mix lawn!

The area in the back has the Palmetto Buffalo near the steps to take the heavy step falls . Its the place that gets walked on the most. And it stays thick, fluffy and bouncy. This then goes down to the Coastal Mix in the larger paddock. And this is the one lawn that I truly love. The Qld Blue os so super soft and the carpet grass is tough and being so tough and soft means that they don’t let tother “Weeds” like bindis get in. So my kids can run like wild crazed animals to jump like monkey gets tired and still love each other at the end, run back inside for a drink to repeat it all again. All no shoes! soft lawns means happy kids.

Soft Lawns mean Happy Kids, Happy Kids means Happy parents, which means happy holidays!

Well it does at our house!

Chat soon


Holl on the Jumpoline. From Palmetto to Coastal Mix. Bare feet all the way.

Holl on the Jumpoline. From Palmetto to Coastal Mix. Bare feet all the way.