Wet Weather Grasses and Fungus…

Well as good as the rain is for our lawns, it also brings about the danger of Fungus’ spreading throughout our lawns. The wet weather and then hot humid conditions can unfortunetly cause such fungus’ as
Dollar spot -growths on the leaves of the grass that are golden brown – like a dollar coin, but bout the size of a 20c piece
Spring Die Back – a black sooty fungus that appears someone has thrown ash all over your lawn
Fairy Ring – as cute as this name sounds it is not so lovely, they are small toad stole style growths around 2mm in diameter

All these fungus’ have the potential to kill your lawn. So please if you start to see any signs of these fungus’ spray your lawn with the related funguside after a dry day in the cool of the evening.

If you need any help with this give us a call, and we’ll help you out

Thanks Sare

Didn’t want to put pictures on the website of dying grass, looks bad on a Turf Farm site.