wet weather grass

Well aren’t everyone’s lawns looking lovely and lushly green now after all the beautiful rain. Well clouds, you can stop raining now, everything is pretty well REALLY wet now. Everything will be growing great. Yep all good. Please….

I imagine that everyone’s grass should be lovely and green now, especially people who have installed Palmetto into their lawns. You may have started to see their adds on TV about Palmetto. Pretty basic Ad for a fantastic grass, if you ask me. Palmetto is definitely the best Buffalo I have ever seen. It out preforms others that I have seen. Greener in winter, softer in summer tan the other buffalo’s and really easy to look after. Just a wonderful grass really. Requiring only 2 to 3 hours of sunlight a day and Rapid damage recovery ( meaning that when your kids and dogs run back and forward across the lawn the Palmetto will bounce back and love it) it is definitely the buffalo to no one can beat.

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Thanks Sare