Well I did it again

No its not the A Britney Song re-done grass style…

I have broken my other foot! That means that I have now broken firstly my ankle on my left foot and now my foot bone on my right! Hurray for me. How uncoordinated can a girl get! All I did was walk down another step. I have decided that concrete and me are not friends, and that I should grass everything! At least it will be soft then to land on when I fall next time – Oh yes there will be a next time and NO I was NOT drunk.

I’m thinking sweet smother directly near the house, because it is super shade tolerant, and then some Palmetto buffalo around the more shadier of areas around the house and of course the wonderful Queensland Blue Couch for the outskirts – hardy and tough. That means that my yard will be super lush and spongy for the next time I walk down a step and fall. No broken anything else for me this year…hopefully anyway. I think I may need a lucky token of something. Maybe a rabbits foot, except my sister-in-law-to-be may be upset if I chop of the leg of her rabbit. I know; I’ll grow clover and hopefully get a four leaf one. No that’s no good Dad and the boys would kill me for introducing clover to their beautiful turf.

No I think I am just going to have to make my own luck and stay away from steps. So if you see a Lady in a blue turf shirt walking around on crutches please warn me about the steps that are coming up, and direct me to the closest soft spongy grass I can land on..