Weeks before Christmas

Well only 2 weeks until Christmas and as usual at my house my kids got sick. So i haven’t really been thinking about turf really , which is why it is great that I am part of such a wonderful team. Without whom I would be lost. Dad and Micheal kept the farm and deliveries flowing and Barbara made sure all your phone calls were answered. But I know they missed me.

This week also had both my children graduating! Well from Preschool to Infants and Infants into primary school. Still all very proud mother moments.

The boys did ask me to put on to remind everyone to watch their turf for signs of fungus. after all this rain fungus can invade especially with the heat and wet being perfect conditions for fungus grow. If you start to see any dead spots give us a call. Also lawn grub season is starting so why not give the lawn grub page a quick read over.

Christmas is fast approaching and maybe the perfect gift for your loved ones is a Coastal Turf Voucher. There is no more permanent present and reminder of love than a beautiful green soft lawn that you can see use and love everyday.

Well hopefully everyone else is well and ready for christmas.

Chat Soon