Weekend Turf jobs

Grandfather and Granddaughter mowing

Weekends are a great time for my kids. Their dad is still usually busy at work on Saturday, so we come and visit Grandma and Poppa. Holl loves this time as she gets to get down into the dirt and mud (literally at the moment) and work with the boys. She unlike the boys is not camera shy, and loves getting her photo taken with HER POPPA. So at 4 (nearly 5 I am told) Holl is in training for lawn mowing. She is certain that she can mow the lawn herself and then move onto the Turf Farm, but we think she may need a little longer. Like when she can hold onto the steering wheel herself and learn that it’s not good to scalp the turf around the office. She is very lucky to have her Poppa to teach her and the boys these things. They say Grandparents have the time to share their knowledge and grand-kids need to make the time to listen. My kids are listening cause they are being told about fun things like “How to Drive” and “How to pull a Tractor apart and remember to put it back again” and “Snack time”. Definitely a huge plus having a family business is that your kids are not just a part of the business, they are why you have the business. So mow on Holl..


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