Weekend Lawns

I was just sitting here looking at my weather app, and it looks like its going to be another wet and warm weekend. Not sure about your neck of the woods, but ours also has windy conditions predicted. The rain, I can handle, the warm I love, but the wind just annoys me. Does it get to you as well?

I’m not really sure why it really annoys me, but it does tend to make me cranky.Maybe on a grass way, it does tend to dry everything out a lot faster. I mean the warm windy weather is great for clothes drying, and maybe sailing ( I don’t know. I really get sea sick thinking about sitting on wavy conditions. ) but for newly installed turf, it means drying out the leaves. So a great idea is to water smaller little amounts more often. So like 5 to 10 mins in a spot then move on come back to the area sooner rather than later. This means the leaves can soak up the water and concentrate on establishing itself at your place rather then concentrating on how thirsty it is.

IMG_0750This is some awesome Palmetto that one of our crew installed this week. So by following a less is more more often approach to your lawn’s water needs, you will definetly make your side of the fence greener with Coastal Turf.

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