Watch Out Lawn Grubs About

Yep it is already happening this year. The lawn grubs have their little cocoons everywhere and they are due to hatch soon. Nasty little buggers.

Now again at my Mum’s house I found millions of the little cocoons on the eaves on Mum’s house. I was really worried about my Palmetto and Zoysia trial but then decided that these are the type of woes that everyday people who aren’t turf farmers face, so it will be a good part of the trail.

Anyway, what we did was wash the eaves down with some dish washing liquid and warm water. I don’t know what it is but it kills the sacks (probably because we squished them hehehehe) and takes away the residue that they leave behind. They don’t tend to return to that spot either. Maybe my environmentally safe dish washing liquid is really unappealing to grubs. Oh well that’s fine.

But my husband and I did notice that several little “strings” had already escaped down form the cocoons. Not good, because that means that the bugs are now in her lawn! So over the next couple of weeks watch out for stories on how we defeated the Lawn grubs in the Mum’s lawn! Haha!

Anyway here are some pictures of what they look like as cocoons so you can run around and do a quick check of your own eaves. And remember that the better the lawn, the healthier the lawn the more likely the Lawn grubs will come and eat it. its kinda like would you rather have a gorgeous brilliant 5 star meal cooked and served to you or a yucky highly un-nutritious meal? I personally am with the lawn grubs on this one, I would eat 5 star any day…



Notice that the cocoons are concentrated to the outer eaves

the cocoons are about the size of a thumb nail



The web like string that is hanging down allows the grubs to slide down to earth and then crawl into the lawn