Valentines Day – the gift of Green

On Valentines day we all think about the traditional gift of Red Roses. But I am not that type of girl who wants roses. I hate the thought of cutting something beautiful off its stem, bringing it inside to die a slow death. And then the petals fall on the ground. And I always think of that nursery rhyme about “he loves me. He loves me not”. Well enough of my delusional craziness.


This year why not tell your loved one how much you love them by giving them the gift of Green, instead of Red. A gift of a new lawn is much more romantic than a bunch of roses. This is a gift that will always remind them how much you love them.  Not only is it a sign to your loved one, but to everyone in the street, about how much you love them. The beautiful green lush soft lawn, the place you walk outside on everyday, the playground for your family to be on, the place your roll and play on. What better way to show your love EVERYDAY than with a beautiful lawn.

I can’t think of a more visual way to show someone everyday how much you love them.


Chat soon everyone, and happy valentines day to everyone.

Sare 🙂Soft Leaf Buff In garden, piknik