Upcycle your lawn.

At the moment there is this real trend in gardens and in our homes to make everything look old, but at the same time new. I guess kinda recycling or maybe upcycling.

Like when people take pallets and make them into chairs. And then other people like the look of the pallet chairs, but not the splinter asbestos feel of the pallets. So they make a chair out of wood store bought wood and then die it and stain it and beat it to make it look old. Or get the wrap around plastics  to make it look old. So people want there areas to look like they have always used them, but want it to be comfortable and flashy at the same time.

And maybe that’s what instant lawn or turf is. Trying to make your yard look like it has always had beautiful lush lawn. And I guess that unlike having to go to all the trouble of a pallet not pallet chair, installing a new lawn is a lot easier. And I think way prettier and more functional. You can do so much more on your lawn than on a chair. In fact everything you can do on the chair you can do on the lawn. And way more. And probably a lot more comfortably. so head over to our varieties page and see which one would be best at your place.

And I know that your lush new/old lawn will get so many more compliments from friends and strangers than a chair. Unless you put the chair on your lawn and they compliment the way your lawn makes your chair look.