Tweenagers, High Schools and lawns! Choosing the best for your family.

I have a 11 year old daughter, in Year 6 this year. And I thought that this year would be all clear sailing. Pretty much just fun and games all year. No stress. No Naplan. Hollie is school captain and I thought the most stressful thing we would have to think about was getting her to school on time. How silly I am. Almost as soon as she walked into the school this year, all the kids were talking about where everyone was going to high school the next year.

So in term 1 week whatever we are in, I never know, I am now stressing and talking about High School in almost all my conversations. Where should she go? Which one is best for her? How do I know?

I already have an older son at the local high school. Riley has Autism, and the long hard journey we took to find the right high school for him felt like to took 2 years. Really it was probably only 8 weeks. We chose his High School because it was the best fit for him. The people were amazing and the support programs had real life success stories. But just because this is the best fit for Riley, doesn’t mean it is the best fit for Hollie.

I have 3 children. Each of my children are VERY different. Different personalities mean different dedications to different things. Riley loves his computer and video games. Hollie loves science and maths. And my youngest Marcus loves football. But mostly watching it. Being so different means that nothing is a one size fits all for our family. Especially not dinner time. And definitely not leisure time.

So I wouldn’t try and make Hollie and Riley sit through a football game, no more than I would ask Marcus to preform a science experiment. Hollie and I have started looking at all the local High Schools, and some not so local, to find her the best fit. And as annoying as it could possibly be to have them all at different Schools, I always try and find the best fit for each individual. Hollie and I were talking in the car this morning before the bus, and she asked why we were trying all the different schools.

I said because all of you are different. And I want to match the best fit to each of you. My kids have all grown up on the turf farm. They know the difference between a Buffalo and a couch. And how the couch needs full sun because of its thin leaf. And the buffalo loves shade. My kids are visual learners. They fully comprehend if you can show them and then relate it back to what they have seen.

So I said, “ You and the boys are as different as Couch, Buffalo and Zoysia. You wouldn’t put a couch in the shade would you and expect it to grow?”

“Of course not! There is no way a couch would thrive,” she said. “Is that what you do at work? Find the right grass for different people?”

“Thats my job. I want to make sure that people get  a beautiful green lawn. And that means a different grass for different people. “

“You should put that on your website, “ she told me as she and the boys ran to get on the bus, waving goodbye.

And sometimes you have to listen to your daughter. So I am.

I probably am not capable of helping you to make the right decision when it comes to High schools for your children. I more confused than I was a week ago. Every kid is different. And only you as their parent can fully know them and make the best decision you can for them. But when it comes to your lawn, I can Absolutely help you choose the best lawn for your place.

I can help match your tastes, the amount of shade,  and the amount of wear and tear  to the best variety of turf for you. Also making sure we can work in a budget for you as well. And we have Brent on the Gold Coast, and Tony on the Tweed Coast to come and install your new lawn. Taking all of the stress out of your new lawn.

So although I cannot stop all the stress in your life, especially if you have kids,  be they teenagers, tweenagers, toddlers, big or small. I can help you choose the best lawn to send them out onto.

Get in contact and let me help you choose the best Green for your lawn! 

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