Turf Patching – a joy

Its the second week of the school holidays and my house was full of kids, the occasional dog, and dirt. Mostly because over the long weekend (it didn’t really feel on enough) we decided to make a little garden. And as you do, we didn’t actually finished the area. And of course it is where the kids love to play. Even though I didn’t think it was on the way to our trampoline either from the house or the return trip, they always seem to walk that way somehow. And being in that little bit of dirt and mud with them. I know I talk to everyone all day about how great it is to get turf down over the dirt and stop mud being walked through the house..


But today I really really believe it. Its like a reaffirmation of how great turf (or instant mud covering) is! Still the kids walk that way now, but it is to get the softness of the couch on their feet. I did tell them it needs to stop otherwise my turf patch will never establish.

But I am defiantly a True believer again! The turf patch means no more feeling to wipe your feet properly, no more yelling to put shoes on, and no more mopping! Oh that is a joy. If only I could work out a way to get them to shut the door……

Chat soon