Turf Farmers and Sheep

Here at Coastal Turf we have been trying the more natural approach to Turf growing by using Chicken manure for fertilization for years now, and then when friends of Dad’s said that their sheep manure was making their grass go off, Dad and the Sheep farmer became friends. (We didn’t end up using the sheep poo, as we were worried about weed contamination. But we are always on the lookout for the natural alternative).

So over the years of friendship, Dad has been going to the Murwillumbah Show to help at the Sheep shed. Having grown up on a sheep station, he was keen to lend a hand. Then this year my husband, who also grew up on a sheep station WAY out West (who says girls don’t marry their father) went and lent a hand shearing. Although this has little to do with turf farming, it has to do with the community spirit that the Coastal Turf family has. So maybe the question is What do Turf Farming Families do on their weekend off? – They go help out at the Murwillumbah show and shear sheep. Although I think they were extremely grateful when the real Shearer turn up.

Kids Loved it though