Turf and the great advantages!

Wow! Today I am very excited because at Coastal Turf we are getting in Dean from EPAR to do a complete environmentally friendly program for us. It should be really exciting. As farmers we believe that we have t look after the earth so we can continue to cultivate the soil. My family has been farming for (I am told by my Father) 12 generations. Even before we came to Australia. So although it wasn’t always turf ( Not really a lot of need for turf in the convict days) we have always Farmed in a positive way. Like using wholly natural products to fertilize our grass. Yes, chicken poo is very very very stinky but it really makes the grass grow well.

Coastal turf is also a member of the QTPA ( Queensland Turf Producers association) and TPA (the Australian Branch) who recently released a report about the advantages of turf over other vegetation in ones yard. It seams that Grass kicks butt over trees and the such in changing CO2 into Oxygen. And its nice on your feet. I lot easier to the foot than say an aloe vera plant. Grass is also aesthetically pleasing ( yeah yeah a big word for the day!). when depressed people see green they feel better. So not only is grass good for the environment it is also great for  your brain too.  And for your body too cause a well grassed area encourages children to play outside.

So go Turf Australia! Your yards need to be Green for your body mind and planet!  But really because you want to. And it is really important that you get the right turf for your yard and budget. So call us at Coastal Turf so we can met all your needs.