The Suns out, and the Grass is super green

It is at our farm. The Sun is shining down and looking bright and happy. And the grass, which is recovering from having a lot of water, is looking super green and happy too.

It is such wonderful sight to see what was looking sad and brown to now looking really really rich and green. I imagine you have all seen this on your street as well. Going from that brown almost dead look, to super lush and happy.

Just make sure that when your lawn is coming back from the ill health of drought, that it doesn’t contract another worse infection. Lawn Grubs! There are so many around at the moment. I even found some in the office sample pots!

The nasty little biters are cruising around and looking for a lush lawn to devour. Make sure you are prepared and don’t end up with your lawn being completely chomped out. Get a sand granulated lawn grub killer from Coastal Turf to ensure your lawn stays the beautiful green lush colour that the rain has brought back.

And if you lawn is not returning to a gorgeous lush colour, give us a call and we can either hep diagnose what the problem is, or set you up with a beautiful new lawn.

I love transformations like this one on our blue couch paddock. I always say going from brown to green is just one of those marvellous feelings that make you smile, not matter what.

The use of organic Nematodes as well as the beautiful rain has brought this paddock back to life. Imagine what Coastal Turf can do for your new lawn.