The soil makes the difference

I’m a bit worried. I have had a week of doing book work instead of working on the actual farm and my hands are clean. My nails don’t have that dark nutrient rich colour around them and stuck under the corners. No matter have hard I used to scrub they would not come clean. But now I have nails that could almost be shaped into girly hands. I might even splash out this weekend and paint them!

But serious the gorgeous soil that we have at Coastal Turf means that although it does “stain” your hands it grows the most wonderful thick fluffy happy green grass. At the moment Dad has been delivering some of the best Qld Blue Couch I think we have ever grown. It is fantastic grass that is just going to look gorgeous at Blackrocks. I know that the owners and the landscaper were very happy. Hoping to pop down this week and grab a few pictures for you.

And next week is school holidays here in NSW so I will have my three little ducklings following me around, and probably a couple of ring in kids as well. The farm and our house are fun places for kids because now that the rain has stopped there is so much open space that kids can run and run and run. Everyone’s hands will be dirty then….


Chat Soon