The Grass is always Greener…

As the old saying goes,”The Grass is always Greener on the other side”. Well I think that was because the other side had Wintergreen Couch.

The Grass of the week this week is Wintergreen Couch. Its soft, really hard wearing and as its name suggests it Green. Really green in Winter; All grasses are green i hear you say, but oh no, a lot of grasses may turn red or brown off during winter because they don’t get the needed nutrients.  But Wintergreen stays true and Green all year. And in fact, unlike other grasses it thrives in winter. Its the Grass that most councils put on their sporting grounds. So when you are watching your kids play soccer or football or other cold winter sports they are more than likely playing on wintergreen couch.


So if its good enough for the sports grounds, why not for your home? In most families the back yard, or like our house that has a tiny back yard but huge front yard, or just outdoor areas are used all the time. And its better to have a grass that will just keep growing even after your Son’s football team beats Dad’s football team in the back yard. Or when the Rugby world cup (which at our house entails the NZ neighbours and OZ neighbours) is being played at your place the grass will be soft to land on but tough growing. In summer Cricket games can dig little holes in your pitch or lawn as most people call it, but the wintergreen will quickly recover to let you all play another day.


So why not put Wintergreen Couch or as I like to think of it as all year round Green Couch at your place. And then let the games begin…….


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