What a Huge start to 2022!

It has been a HUGE start to 2022. And February and March have left their mark on our farm.

We have been through so many floods in the nearly 30 years we have been turf farming here at Round Mountain. But never one so high and slow moving. Flood usually come here to our little price of paradise in big Cyclonic explosions. Coming in quick and leaving just as fast.

But this year, it came from months and months of rain just sitting above us. And then when the really heavy downfalls came on the Monday night, we all knew that the flood was coming. We just didn’t know with how much force it would come through.

This has been the largest flood we have had. I am only 1.65m tall and the water went well over 1.7m high in the shed. We do not know how high it went over on the lower parts of the farm. I know I am short, but that is a LOT of water across the farm.

Although the water is now receding from our paddocks, they are still very wet. Our team is working hard to ensure that the paddocks are clean, healthy, eeed free, and nave little to no mud on them. But the process is slow.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will have the Pacific Buffalo, Pacific Zoysia and Wintergreen Couch available to become your new lawns. The Pacific Aussie Blue Couch, Sir Walter buffalo and Coastal Mix will be about a month away from being able to be harvested.

WE really are looking forward to having paddocks look like this

To beautiful paddocks that look like this again.

Our beautiful Coastal Mix paddock about 6 weeks ago.

We look forward to working with you as closely as we can to ensure you received the best quality turf as quickly as possible. So we do appreciate your patience.

Give us a call and we can chat with you about the best turf for your lawn that is available for you.