The Big Blue Wet Thing – Thats the Queensland Blue Couch paddack at the moment…

Well this year just seems to be the year of the BIG WET for the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers region of Australia doesn’t it? I am very very much over the rain now. Puddles are no longer fun to jump in. Umbrellas are no longer an exciting new accessory. And mud – don’t let me get started on MUD!

Last week Marcus my youngest had his tonsils out then had all sorts of drams that go along with being 4 and not liking sitting still inside due to the rainy weather even though we are really quite sick. This week we are all hands back on deck at school, and the rain only seems to really really pour when we get out to drop them off or pick them up. Is this some sort of weird funny Karma? The light in the dark I guess is that the Bogangar School Oval is looking so green and lush.

Dad and Rob said that when they are delivering, its fine until they step into the bobcat to unload. I hope for the people installing their lawns last weekend that they got some reprieve from the rain. And our last customers on Saturday who were putting it on a  hill seemed very happy to have the grass.

Last Thursday during the large down pour we put 160sqm of A Grade Queensland Blue Couch on a truck and sent it to Sydney. And I have just received a photo from them saying how great the grass was. Blue Couch is definitively a winner when it comes to rain and heat. Blue Couch can take to extremes of being an Aussie. Blistering Heats (not that we can remember them at the moment) and Pouring Rains, Blue Couch just laps it up and turns it all into gorgeous lush soft easy going green. A love it. So even Sydney siders can enjoy the beauty and easy going lush green of Queensland Blue Couch.

Everyone can from Coastal Turf this week. We can cut in this weather the A grade Blue and it is fantastic grass. I get really really really muddy, but the grass preforms great looks fantastic and takes the mud away from your place!


Chat Soon, maybe over or about Qld Blue