The Best Grass for You

Wow. Have just been at the 2013 Turf Australia conference this week and a Big topic was how the world is moving quickly and unless we keep up the world may take us over.

And here I am with my mobile Internet not working. Oh no! Little did I realize how much I relied on the Internet and being able to find out information really fast until it’s gone. Thankfully after I turned my phone on then off it worked again. Phew. So I still got tot take all your calls and send those important emails. And receive emails (thankfully) and find out if what these presenters at the conference were saying was correct, real, authorized.

Then it got me thinking about how I tell you guys stuff about grass and how wonderful it is that you guys can Google the grass, or care or anything you want and find out everything your want about say Qld blue couch. So very awesome in our fast over taking world. This means I have to stay factual and if something is my opinion make sure I say it is my opinion. Being able to communicate quickly is great and something we have really (especially at my house) come to rely on.

But to slow the world down a minute, I would also like to believe that old fashioned values are a big player as well. I know that price is a very important as well, but how I chat to you and meet face to face I find important as well. A I keep telling my kids manners are super important. Telling the truth about what you can and cannot do is very important. At Coastal Turf we believe that the best grass is the best grass because it will thrive in a certain area. Not the most expensive grass we have. When we built our house we choose our builder not only on price, but the fact that he talked to me as well as my husband, valued my opinions and understood that we had 3 children, and our own businesses which meant that my mind was not totally on the house 24 house a day 7 days a week. Having that understanding was great.

Our a grade Palmetto buffalo is our top priced grass, and it is the best grass for low light high traffic areas. It’s fantastic. But our lower priced Qld blue couch is so much better and wins hands down in high light areas with low water availability. So the Best grass is the Best grass for you and the area you want to put the grass, and the same type of grass may not be the best grass for even your neighbor.


Thats what we offer, The Best Grass For YOU.


Chat soon after I have recovered from my conference. Back to harvesting, and delivering turf today. Ahh the norm. It has its advantages and disadvantages doesn’t it.