TGIF – New lawns on the way

TGIF – Thank God Its Friday. I must be really really old now. I have a 13 year old son now and he is using all these “words” like LOL and TGIF and ROFL.

I really don’t think they are real words. But thats what he says. And today I do believe the TGIF one is wonderful.rolling turf

Being a short week we have all been trying to jam in as much as possible int our working weeks. And with daylight savings finished as well, it does feel like this week was a bit more full aunthood usual. And that is why we deliver on a Saturday morning as well. It gives everyone who that extra day to get fresh turf to their new lawns to install. And if your sneaky, invite a few friends over for a BBQ and hold the drinks for ransom until they have installed a few slabs of turf. And this week with our little working week it also gives us all an extra day to get get things done. So enjoy your weekend, whether it be relaxing in PJs all weekend, or investing in your home with a new Green lush Coastal Turf lawn or trying to catch up on the washing (thats my exciting plan).

Chat Soon