Tax And Carbon

Wow! Hasn’t the heat come on with the carbon tax debate! Global warming will have to wait for the argument to cool off to even get a chance to heat up the room.
One of the best parts about being in the QTPA (Queenland Turf Producers Association)  is that they do send out every now and again a really good article for us to consider. A while ago we recieved an article from the “Golf and Sports Turf Australia” Magazine that spelt out the true values of turf with carbon off setting. Todd Layt is the author and the whole article can be viewed at http://www.golfandsportsturf.com.au/article.asp?ArticleID=1968
I now offer it for your consideration…
So give turf a chance. Give the world a chance and put down some lawn for us all….
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PS I’m sure my next one will be far less serious
So be a greenie and plant some Lawn. By having a GREEN Lawn you are showing the world how really green you are. In fact post your pictures of you and your green lawn for the world to see!
Turfgrass is a positive sequester of carbon
Its official! Turf tested positive as a carbon sequester in three different
studies. One study found turf sequestrates between four to seven times as much
carbon as a modern mower discharges. The others were less clear on amounts, but
all three studies show turf could be one of the biggest crops when it comes to
sequestrating carbon, based on the sheer volume of land under turf cultivation.
This is great news for golf courses and other sporting facilities. The days of
turf professionals cowering to environmentalists over negative press must cease.
It is time we fight back with science on our side.

Turf is one of the best filters for heavy metals. Fifteen square metres of
lawn produces enough oxygen for a person to breath, and turf is 20 degrees
cooler than fake plastic grass on a 40 degree day and 30 degrees cooler than
dark coloured concrete. The only bad thing they could really say about turf is
that mowers pollute, and turf uses too much water. We now have three studies
that declare turf is carbon positive, and two studies that show warm season turf
uses less water than many ornamental plantings. Unfortunately many less
reputable environmentalists will not let science and facts get in the road of a
compelling yet misleading media beat up. But if turf professionals all over the
country let their clients know about this new research, and how turf is such a
good guy, turf will get the good wrap it deserves.