From Mud to Marvellous!

Take your home from the murky misery of brown mud to the feel good softness of a beautiful Green lawn.

The recent floods in our area has meant that so many of our homes, our teams included, have had the murky caking mud come through our homes and sit on our lawns. The dark depressing colour of the mud is really a reminder of all the despair we have all been through in the last month.

While we cannot take away the floods from the fore front of all of our minds, we would like to help bring back a little smile to everyones faces. Our team at Coastal Turf know how important it is to be able to smile and laugh. We want to not only make you smile again because life has just got a bit greener.

Green is such an uplifting colour. It reminds us that all will be well in the world again. We know when you have the dirty mud that gets into everything around you, it can really dampen your spirits. But having soft green grass that captures the mud and holds it away from you, can bring so much relief. It is sometimes the little things that make it easier.

Take your home from brown mud to a soft green lawn and put that smile back on your face.

Coastal Turf would like to offer trade price to all of the people who have been effected by these floods for the month of March. As our farm is coming to terms with the floods that devastated our own farm, we wanted to bring some green happiness to the people around us.

Give us a call in our office on 0266763695 and chat with us about your lawn needs. Starting from as little as $6.85 a sqm, we can help turn your house back into your home.

Our team will help you to best match the right grass to your new lawn, and also offer the best advice on how to install, and then care for your new lawn.