Suns Out; So Get Out onto your lawn.

 My husband was given a singlet-shirt a couple of years ago for Christmas which says “Suns Out. Guns Out!”. And being a landscaper, his arms are really well defined. They look good. So he always wears his singlet shirt, no matter what season it is, on a sunny day and he strolls outside to do something. At the moment I know all my family is just so happy to see the sun. And it really makes you look for things to do outside.

This is the perfect time of year to feed up your lawn before it goes into a more dormant state over winter. Almost the equivalent of fattening up to get you through. Your lawn, is looking for a big winter feast to give it all the stock pile of fat for its long sleep. Especially if you have a Empire lawn. It is about to go almost into hibernation, so it will be looking to have a last hu-ra before winter. The Couches will be looking for a top up of nutrients, and the Buffaloes, well they are just hungry little lawns aren’t they. With their cute little thick leaves, they are always looking for a good meal. 

At Coastal turf we have special blends of both Organic fertiliser and Manufactured Fertiliser, that we can match to your lawn variety, to maximum the winter colour and growth. You can use one or the other, or combine the two for a super Winter wonderful feed. Spread the fertiliser and then give it a good drink to get all the goodness right down into the roots. Ask about ours specials. 

I have tried this with my own body. Sitting and eating lots of delicious Organic cheese, cakes and other delights with a beverage or several to stock pile for the winter. But it turns out for people its totally different. Although I do like to sleep in through Winter, I do not hibernate. I do not need to stock pile fat storages in my body for winter. But it is lots of fun. 

So this weekend, my Husband will be wearing his “Guns Out” singlet,  while he is fertilising our Front lawn, and the larger backyard of the farm, with a beverage or two in my hand, I will sit on the grass, sampling the softness and thinking about how lovely his strong arms are. 

Send me an email to get your best fertiliser for your lawn, either delivered to your place, or pick up from our farm. Or if you want the Guns Out singlet at your place, give the Turfman a call to get him to fertilise your lawn too. If your lucky, Turfman may have his ‘Guns Out”. 

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