Sunny Winter weekends

This weekend, which fingers crossed will be Sunny, and a little bit warmer, I will be standing cheering and clapping as my daughter plays hockey. Its her first hockey carnival. She is super excited and I am excited for her. Being my first carnival I am hoping that I am prepared. I have my umbrella (for sun and rain), my chair (for the in-between times) an esky of food, money to buy better food from the canteen, and hat. I’m sure I am forgetting so many things. This weekend I am really just looking forward to spending the day outside in the sun on the grass.

Its these sunny winter weekends that draw us all outside. Outside to sporting events, like kids Gala Hockey days, outside to stroll in the sun, outside to play in out yards. Doing all those little odd jobs that you mean to do in summer, but really its way more fun to go and play than fix things up. At least at this time of year, when you work in your yard you get nice and warm! And living in our beautiful climate this time of year is great for installing new turf. So now is a great time to potter around in your yard and fix up your lawn. Either install a whole new one or patch up those pieces that need a bit of new life brought back in. And it makes you feel all warm inside. A little bit from all the physical work you do, but mostly because you can have that instant satisfaction of seeing what you have toiled all day to accomplish.

So why not this weekend, get out into your yard. Make yourself feel warmer, and your house look better, and your family proud of you with your new flashy Coastal Turf lawn.

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