Summer Lawns – is now a good time to put in my new Lawn?

Keith the Turf DogAs summer is now with us in full swing, I keep reminding everyone its really hot remember your hats! Well at least the dog listened to me. Most people think that summer is a terrible time to install grass. Its only not pleasant for the people installing the grass, it does no harm to the turf slab to be in the heat. No more than in winter. At Coastal Turf we harvest our grass and deliver it to your site with the minimum amount of time in between to ensure the best quality of grass can become your new lawn!


That’s why we deliver to your place on Saturday mornings. Most of us have Saturdays open to con, bride and get family and friends over to help install your new lawn. And as a gentleman said to me on the phone today, do not bring out the refreshments until after the job is done! The more people you can get over to help the more fun the day becomes and the quicker you can see great results. Installing your new lawn is an exciting experience and still after 15 years of changing dirt to lush soft green lawns, I still love looking back on what we have accomplished. Th transformation is amazing and often breath taking. Many a time I have had to hold peoples hands as they get a little emotional at how wonderful their new lawn looks.


But Please do remember to wear a hat. Preferably not the one that Keith the dog has already worn (yes that is my hat and no the kids didn’t tell me where it had been, and yes I did just put it back on my head. I didn’t get fleas but the smell meant I had the wash my hair three times before I was comfortable). And hydrate with water while you are installing, and then sit back relax and really do enjoy the amazing dirt to GREEN LUSH Lawn transformation!


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