Stress less, get a beautiful green lawn.

Again I have been a boring person and I have been flicking through the information from all over the world about the benefits of natural lawns. But I think my kids are happier about me using my spare time to do this rather than forcing them to clean their rooms Or worse yet , according to my boys, making them try on school clothes to see what fits.

I stumbled across a Californian Research that proved people who live and work in areas with a view of lawns recovered from stress more quickly. I said this to my family, who looked at me with a ¬†funny smile. My Husband calls me a bit of a OCD person. That everything has to be just so, and that I like things to be organised. It probably comes from always having to be organised for our Autistic son. But our family thinks I’m a stressed. So when I said tp them that green lush lawns creates ease in people, my youngest son (who happens to have a little bit of a smart arse mouth) said to me ” Wow. Imagine how stressed you would be if you didn’t have the green grass at the farm to look at.” I think he was being sarcastic. But he may be right.

I know with my kids when they have a green area to run around on they preform better at school, and they are just generally nicer people. I believe this is why Australian schools have large natural green grass areas. the green spaces help the kids to think more clearly and cope with stress. I’m sure part of it is the mental side, where you see green and feel happy, and a large part is because it is an area where the kids can run, jump, play kick, tackle, and get out all the nervous energy. This then allows (my kids at least) the ability to sit slightly til in the classroom and listen.

In many cases too the ability to go out and nurture your green space can make you feel better. i know from experience that seeing your lawn go from all seed heads and long and straggly to the beautiful fresh mown look and smell is a wonderful experience. The smell is great. That fresh mowed lawn feeling is one that brings happiness. And if your my husband, our fresh mowing lawn is then accompanied by a freshly opened beer. Which is a lovely therapy in its own.

So for your kids and your partner’s health, its really important to have a beautiful lawn at your place. And really, if the rest of your family is happy, its makes your life so much less stressful! Happy Life. A green lush healthy lawn makes a Happy Healthy you!


And to take a large chuck of your stress out of your life, or just to have a beautiful lawn at your place to sit on, next to, let the kids play on and admire, Get your lawn from Coastal Turf with our recommendation to get the right lawn variety at your place. Then get either the Turfman or Brent from Gold Coast Landscaping to install your lawn and possibly an irrigation system. And they can take all the stress out by coming back and maintaining your lawn for you. So the Green is there forever.

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