Spring is Finally here

Well it definitely feels like Spring has finally arrived, and I know my children and I are really enjoying it. That is when we are not at the Farm or at home. That’s the problem with living with a Turf Farmer is that they treat your lawn like it is a turf Farm. So now that Spring is here and Plants are taking off with their Growing season, they need Fertilizing.All this rain is an excellent time to fertilize. Good for the lawn owner (because the rain water saturates the fertilizer into your lawn and it can be absorbed quickly and the smell doesn’t last) and Great for the lawn.

And the best fertilizer is of course, is smelly! So although the grass in a couple of days will look fantastic, we at the Farm and at home at our house have to live in the smelly conditions. But all in the name of excellent Turf to be delivered to you!

And the rain is again the best time to install turf into your home. This way you save on watering costs and the ground has so much beautiful water stored in it it can thrive and bloom. It is a shame though for the turf installers because you come out as a muddy mess. But as a customer said to me the other day, she is happy for a quick mud fix, then have her children drag mud through her house every day of this wet season. Anyone have any ideas when the wet season will end?