Spring Green

Well that Spring rain is just not going away is it? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am well and truely over the rain. The boys from the farm are coming into the office all wet and muddy after a big cut. But all still in good spirits. I guess that little boy mentality to go play in the mud and have fun never really leaves them. Maybe that’s what the makings of a good turf farmer is; Enjoying the mud.

My Husband just called to stay that as he is installing someones new lawn the rain is just starting to come over, and it’s not the gentle sprinkling type; it’s the hard deep soaking rain. So I sent him a lovely message that I tell a lot of people on the phone. Rain is terrible for the installers, but Great for the grass.

We here on the farm are now planting new paddocks of buffalo to keep up with your renewed love of Buffalo grass, and it will be ready, with the help of all this rain just in time for you to install just before Christmas. So in this wet weather, that is miserable to some, but loved by the Turf Farmer, I sign off and hope to hear from you soon.