Special Blue Couch to get rid of the Winter Blues

I am sick of Winter. I am sick of the cold. I am sick of being all wrapped up in several layers of clothes. And leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark. I think I have the Winter Blues!

Bring on Spring. Bring on the warmer nights and the beautiful days. I can’t wait for longer days filled with sunshine and my ability to wear shorts again. If I take off my jeans now and dare to wear shorts I tend to blind people with the brilliant glowing white that is the colour of my legs.

I don’t know about you but I always find winter so tiring. It may be because of all the winter sports my kids do and all the training we have to go to that feel like they go late into the night because it gets dark so early. I mean really we are all home by 6pm most nights. But it is dark and cold, so it feels like 8pm. Well to me anyway. The kids still seem to have heaps of energy.

I am really really ready for Spring. Ready for sports to finish. Ready for training to finish and ready for the days to go a little longer. And so ready for the sun to come out and make my legs a little less glowing white.

So I have decided to do something about the Winter Blues. And turn them into Growing Green Spring, to put he Spring back in my step. I am going to get outside and walk on my lawn. And my favourite place to walk around bare footed is on my Blue Couch area of my lawn. The lovely soft comforting leaves of the blue couch lawn always make me feel more grounded. More calm. Less frantic. And take me to a happy place.

It may be because the Blue couch takes a third of the watering and fertilising of any other turf grasses. It may be because it stays green and softer longer in Summer and Winter, perfect for my times without shoes outside.

Or it may simply be because my Blue Couch is under my clothes line, and it is a place that my family fear to tread. So, it is my alone space. I don’t know about you, but my kids see the washing line as a place of work. Oh no! How dare I ask them to hang out their own clothes! Oh no! How dare I ask them help bring in their clothes. If you haven’t guessed, I live with teenagers. So my clothes line, surrounded by my brilliant blue Couch is one of my happy places. My alone place away from bickering hungry teenagers.

Blue Couch lawns. The Best way to lift your spirits

So, if like me, you have a bit of the Winter Blues lets do something about it. Let’s get some Brilliant happy green lush Blue Couch lawn at your home to lift your spirits. Make you smile when you step outside onto your soft lush lawn. And if like me, you have teenagers, let’s give you an outdoor area where you can have some time to relax. Or hide. Or worst case senecio, actually hang out the washing. You don’t have to have the Blue Couch exclusively around your clothes line, I would recommend you have it all throughout your yard.

The beautiful soft comforting lawn will make you want to discard your shoes, and walk with bare feet across your lawn. Maybe to hang out the washing. Maybe to sit down and have a relaxing glass of wine on the lawn. Maybe to play a game on the lawn. What ever way you want to use your Blue Couch lawn, it will become your happy place.

And because I want everyone to have a happy place to get rid of the Winter Blues and get the Growing Green in Spring feelings we are having a Special Blue Couch offer for $5.95 a sqm for the Blue Couch in our larger paddocks.

Get in contact with us today to ask more about the Blue Couch and how we can make Growing Green with the Blue happen at your place.