Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Qld Blue Couch!

When I chat to people on the phone, I usually find out lots of wonderful stories as to why they are looking for a certain type of grass and also why they are even putting a new lawn in. Many people have just built, and its always great to share in their excitement about moving in and then finally covering up that horrid dirt pile. Many others are patching up areas where they have had a change of life circumstances (just had kids old enough to go outside, kids are too old for the trampoline now, a new addition to the family of the 4 legged kind)  and need to create a new lawn space.

But I want to share with you a wonderful story from a couple who re did their lawn with Gorgeous Qld Blue Couch so that their son could get married on their lawn. Wow I thought. They said that they had heard that the Qld Blue photographed better than the lawn that they had now, and that it would stand up better to the 100 or so people who were coming to the wedding. Fortunately they did install the new Qld Blue a month before the wedding, and they sent through some photos recently and it looked FANTASTIC. I want to say thank you for involving us in their wedding plans. Its not often your grass is used as a runway for someones most special day!

As you can see from the photos below I think the grass really did hold up to its side of the bargain! With its dark rich colour it was perfectly set against the white of the tables and the tent and the terracotta of the stage area. The lovely couple as well as their children and children in law helped them to install the grass and it has come up a treat.

And I think that this job will have to be the high lite of my Grass year!

So I guess the moral or message of my story is that being prepared is great, and that now is the time for putting down that super special grass for your special occasions – like Christmas. The soft underfoot, the ease of maintenance and the dark blue green colour in photos will make this year even more special!

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