Soil Life.

Your lawn is your investment. I have written often about how your lawn is the first thing people see when they come to your place and how the investment  your lawn can add minimum of $70,000.00  of value to your home.

But today, I want to chat to you about the soil underneath your new turf. When you invest into your lawn, it is wonderful to buy  perfect Coastal Turf slabs to become your new lawn but to ensure a return on your investment, either environmental or financial, you need to have a  good base for your lawn investment to thrive in.

Like the old saying “Soils ain’t Soils!” (Sorry Barbara in the office is a bit of a John Law’s fan and he does tend to get into your head). Soils are a living thing. If you took a really really really close look at the soil underneath a turf farm or a thriving green lush lawn you would see not just little dirt particles, but a thriving ecosystem of worms, microorganisms, organic matter and dirt particles. Its these alive little bugs that help create fantastic “waste” for the roots to absorb. I went to an interesting soil workshop (no really it was interesting, I thought it was going to be boring, but the presenter was AMAZING) and found out all about the really super tiny organisms that make a huge difference. Did you know that not only do their poo give soil nutritionist for plants to absorb, but by tunnelling through the soil to do their little buggy business they create pathways for the roots to expand through the ground. Its amazing that all the things we can’t see can make all the difference.

I guess its like building a house. Getting the foundations right means that your home will weather any storm and will be a safe place. And getting the foundations right for your lawn means that you will have to spend less time and money later to maintain its beautiful colour and be the best lawn on the street.

So when you order the Soil, ask for an organic rich mix. A great way to tell if the soil is healthy is to smell it. It should smell, well, for lack of a better word, yucky. A bit of the old blood and bone smell or chicken poo smell to it. One gentlemen I chatted to sad it smelt like mushrooms left to die. Soil also needs to be loose enough that the Bugs can move through the soil with ease, but not humbly enough that it wont hold together. My favourite test it to pick up a hand full, make a fist, and then when I open my hand, see if it stays clumped together or falls away from your hand like dry beach sand. If it clumps together is a great sign that your soil is wonderful! This test also gives you the ability to feel the texture of the soil, to feel how damp the soil is, and it will give you a great indication of the true smell.

When you spread out your soil, by hand or by machine, please make sure that you have it sloping away from your home. So if we do get a big dumping of rain the water will run away from your home.

By biggest tip for Buying soil is to buy from a local supplier who knows your area. They will know if you already have really sandy soils, or clay soils, or rock. And then they can match you up to the best type of under turf soil for your area. Often a yard will have a generic Under Turf Soil. These are usually a great mixture for your local area. But I suggest just asking if they incorporate any Mushroom Compost or Chicken poo within the soil. By having it added to the soil, you wont need to add fertiliser down the track as often.

The next most important thing is straight after you get off the phone from the soil people (and then the bobcat people if you want it machine spread for you) is to call us and arrange to have the turf delivered the day after the soil is spread. Recently so many people have had their soil come, spread it out (a lot of hard work I tell you), forget to order the turf, and then have the rain come and wash it away. Get your order in for the right turf for your area delivered early the next morning after you have spread the soil and trap all those nutrients and Bug Life under the turf, make your soil work for your lawn and create the best looking lawn in the street with some locally supplied soil and some beautiful Coastal Turf Lawn.


Remember your Soil life, effects your Lawns Look. So Don’t waste your investment of time and energy of getting and spreading the soil, cover all the goodness with some Beautiful Coastal Turf Grass and create a beautiful lawn.

Chat soon


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