Soil and Mud – good for the skin, GREAT for the Grass

Well we are back to wet weather again for a couple of days. And that means that I am back to my lovely Mud Baths as my kids call it. That means that after I have harvested I come out looking like Shrek. Just the mud covered kind. I don’t think I have weird ears, although sometimes in the really wet times, the chlorophyll from the grass does stain some of me a little green. But as I keep telling myself that women spend thousands of dollars getting mud baths to rejuvenate their skin, and I get it for free. I wonder then why my skin is not as soft as a small baby? oh well…

But our great mud and soil does not just do good things to my skin but it does great wonderful fantastic things for our grass that can be your lawn. Our Black nutrient rich soil gives the turf a wonderful food source that means it can grow healthy and strong. And the great advantage with turf is that you take some of the soil from our farm to your lawn. So its food source goes with it. You aren’t starting from scratch. You go from nothing to green lush lawn. Awesome!

So I will think of those people out there installing their lawns this weekend in the rain, knowing that their skin is enriched, and their lawn will look fantastic. My husband is installing a lovely mans lawn in Blackrocks Pottsville today in the rain. He said this morning at least he doesn’t have to get his trainee to remember to move the hose around today.

Have a lovely wet weekend

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PS check out the Facebook page for pictures of the wet installers and me after a wet weather cut.