Snoring and how it effects your turf

I don’t know about your partner, but my husband snores. And really really loudly. Maybe he is part steam train. After 10 years of marriage and sleeping next to him nearly every night for those 10 years you would have thought I would have been used to it by now. But it still wakes me up, and it still makes me cranky that I am awake and he is fast asleep. I don’t think its the actual snoring that annoys me, its really the fact that he is asleep and I am awake. As all wives of snoring husbands know, I broken nights sleep, with a jealous edge to it can make you less than excited to go to work the next day and preform your best.

But this weekly husband is away, installing a new yard and family play area in Coffs Harbour for a wonderful family. (I’m sure this husband doesn’t snore. His wife I think is the snorer). So I am sleeping soundly. Which I think will mean that I will more rested and a happier person on the farm this week. I will have lots of energy to prepare the turf for harvest, harvest beautiful thick fluffy turf, and help deliver to you a brand new lawn. Ahhh. And my people skills will be fantastic. I will be eager and excited to have adult conversations with EVERYONE who rings this week. We have 3 wonderful children, but the constant chat about who is better Batman or Superman. It has been 2 days and already I am that person who is really interested in what you are saying. Especially about your lawn.

Thick and fluffy

Or I by Thursday I will be so exhausted because I can’t sleep because my husband is not sleeping next to me.

Chat soon