How Snoring effects your lawn – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Last year I wrote about how snoring will effect your lawn. Not your snoring, but my husbands very loud abrasive house shuddering snoring. This very loud noise is why my children can sleep through ANYTHING! Fire Alarms, Trains, City noises, LOUD MUSIC. You name it they can sleep through it. Almost peacefully. I on the other hand tend to get a slight tick on the side of my face  on day 4 with out sleep. On the farm I tend to get a little cranky by 4pm. Turf gets a bit stacked to the side after a long night. And I do get very vicious on the weeds. The boys now have  secret chocolate stack that they throw at me when they se the “I haven’t Slept” Face.

This week though I have slept beautifully.  As bad as the rest of this is going to sound, I have been well rested. Kinda.

Last week Tony was helping my Dad fence along the cattle paddock. And being the good country boy that he is, and with his lovely strong arms, he reached up to snap a branch off in the way of the to be fence. Unfortunately for him, the branch didn’t just snap off and fall to the ground, as was his amazing plan, but instead the branch snapped further back than he is expected. His arm was not quick enough to come up and protect his face. So as the branch broke, his hand which was on the further end of the branch, worked as a pivot to swing, quite hard, the end of the branch closet to the tree, (as well as his face) into his nose. Braking it quite spectacularly. There is nothing quite like excessively bleeding everywhere in extreme pain with your father-in-law and a person who you don’t really know well enough to be really hurt with.

Tony had my ute. Which being a mum means I have baby wipes in the car. Religiously! So Tony stuck nearly a whole packet of baby wipes up his nose to steam the bleeding (he didn’t think that my sanitary Girl things were useful ). And  quick call to me to say “honey, I need  some clothes and an ice pack. Possibly a beer.” My Dad was down the other end of the fence and didn’t see what happened, so just started to yell to him to hurry up with the next line. This probably didn’t aide in easing his embarrassment. When Dad arrived to Tony, my Dad who is not good at blood AT ALL, turned a trifle bit pale and had a sit down with Tony until we arrived.

Kids in tow, off I went down to the cattle farm and packed my husbands nose with clean more absorbent tissues, applied ice, gave dad a drink and then helped them to finish the fencing.

That night we settle down to bed after  few beers to “Stem the pain. Didn’t you read the article on Facebook? Everything on Facebook is true.” I am hoping that was just the pain talking and not real.  Usually after a few beers, Tony snores louder than the fright trains I lived next to at Uni. But Friday night, there was nothing! I think that the brake may have actually straightened his nose enough to stop the loudness of his snoring.

So this week, other than the occasional wake up for kids bad dreams, and Tony’s sore face needing attention, I have been able to get to sleep, even after Tony has fallen asleep before me. I have Stayed asleep. And woken up fresh and happy.

So pallets are stacked and loaded beautifully. My deliveries are completed with a smile, and I’m a bit too chatty on the phone.

Hopefully his nose heals in this position. And the snoring will stop, or at least ease off a bit.


Ahh the exciting life of a Turf Farmer. I Love It!

Chat soon


PS don’t scroll down unless you want to see the face of a smooshed Turfman.