School holiday Lawn fun!

School Holidays are one of those times that you really come to appreciate the back yard. When the kids are inside and on top of each other and then you, sometimes the best place for them is OUTSIDE!


And when they finally do come back inside, it is always nicer if they don’t bring mud, and dirt and grime back in with them. Having a soft green lush lawn is a great entertainer for all ages, especially kids on school holidays. All the kids I know love to run outside without shoes, because at school you always have to wear schools – as my kids complain. So the times when they can run, play, jump and wrestle, and all those amazing things that kids do on soft green grass.

I remember as a kid never wearing shoes, always having fun outside. And I love that my kids are now doing the same thing.


At Coastal Turf we like to help with School holiday fun. Help mums and dads and grandmas and aunts and uncles have fun as well. A Coastal Turf lawn will give your family a place to run, play, jump and wrestle, and all those amazing things. Our Coastal Mix lawn means that your yard can become a playground of amazing wonder, without crushing your bank account. It looks amazing, feels great under foot and takes little care.

kids on the grass

Grasslad showing off his latest imvemption Turfgirl taking sometime out to practice her cartwheels on the green couch

Little kids or big kids. Your lawn outside during the spring holidays is the best place for them and you!

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