Say No to Black Friday and YES! To Green Friday!

I don’t know about you , but I am receiving a lot of Black Friday emails. 

I don’t like to think of any Fridays being black. I think if them as being happy green days. The time of the week that people become a lot happier and friendlier to chat with. 

The day of the week where people are that little bit more relaxed. 

I love Fridays. And we want you to love them too. 

So instead of a Black Friday. I say we all make it a Green Friday. Lets make the day happy, cheerful and full of the best colour there is. Green! 

Friday afternoons are a great time together with family and friends. And Family and Friends are always wonderful people install a new lawn with. And by getting your turf delivered on the Friday afternoon, and knocking it over in the cool of the night you ensure several things. 

  1. The turf is super fresh. It has only been out of the paddock for a short period of time. So it hasn’t had time to stress, worry and heat up. It’s still cool and calm. 
  2. The air is cooler. And its is a lot nicer to install your new lawn in the cool of the evening rather than the heat of the day. The less everyone sweets the happier everyone is. And the better everyone smells.
  3. Your Friends and Family will already be in the mood for a catch up. And what better time to have a BBQ and a Beer than after you have installed your new lawn together. It’s also a lot easier to get people over to your place when they are already out and about, rather them expecting then to wake up early and come to yours on a Saturday morning. 
  4. You get your Saturday to sit back and relax! Your Saturdays can be filled sitting with your feet up and the occasional sprinkler move.

Together I say we move away from the horrible thoughts of Black Friday (to me it just brings back Bush fire memories) and move onto the Healthier Happier Green Friday! 

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