Saturday Morning Grass

Good Morning everyone! Now Saturdays to me are now starting to mean finding an out of the way sporting field to cheer my children on for their sporting prowess (or lack there off sometimes. It is just being part of the tam sometimes.) But for other people Saturday mornings mean time to finally spend some time at home to do all those little odd jobs around the house and garden. At Coastal Turf we are happy to support those gardening urges and deliver turf to you Saturday morning for you to Green Up Your Place.

Imagine starting the weekend with dirt and mud around and Finishing the weekend with gorgeous Green as far as the eye can see. The change will improve your home, and according to some studies that I have been reading online (try the Turf Australia website) having green around your living space improves your mental health. Personally I believe not having mud walked, run, tramped, shaken through out your JUST cleaned house would improve anyone’s mental health.

Turf is Instant Lawn. So you can have dirt one hour and Green lush lawn the next. Awesome! And by installing your lawn yourself over the weekend you can casually invite people over for a BBQ and ask them to help you install your lawn before they get a Beer. Or if you want the sit back and relax approach, then have us come and professionally install your lawn for you either before the weekend or on a Saturday morning. How cool would it be to wake up to dirt, take the kids, or yourself off to Saturday morning activities (if you are like me and I do see you at Hockey or Soccer smile and wave. I’ll be the one with the large Tea in hand and dirt on my hands.) and come back to a beautiful green lawn. That I think would be just as amazing as coming home to when a cleaner has been at your place.

Chat soon. And if your are at Hockey or Soccer wave to me!