Samples of all the Best Coastal Turf Lawns at JH Williams Chinderah.

Like everyone in the Tweed Shire, we are extremely wet that the moment. Last week we had water over my hips. Not that I am tall, but it was still a very lot of water.

Usually I encourage people to come out to the farm and walk across the different paddocks with their shoes off to feel what their new lawn could will feel like. And smell what their new lawn’s aroma could be freshly mowed. And gaze at what the beauty of their new lawn could be.


This week I would not encourage anyone to come out to the farm. Rather call into JH Williams at Chinderah Industrial estate and check out our display plots there. We have worked with the block guys to have samples of the Qld Blue, Palmetto Buffalo, Wintergreen Couch, Shademaster Buffalo and Empire Zoysia areas 9sqm wide so you can have a chance to walk bare foot across the grasses and choose which is best for your home. The Block boys have all the info on the different grasses, and quick access to give me a call to meet you up there this week. I am happy to walk to lawns and help you choose.

Head down to 24 Ozone Street, Chinderah NSW or give myself a call on 0431 014 951 or Blake at the yard on 02 6671 2200. The yard is open all weekend, so you can easily access all the different lawns at your leisure. And take your mobile so you can either give us a call or go to our website and check out the turf details.


Have a great weekend, and give us a call for the best Lawn on the Coast.

Chat soon