Artificial or the way that Mother Nature intended it?

After attending a conference, a friend gave me a brochure for artificial grass to have a look at how glossy and bright coloured it was. As we sat down to have a look through them, we were shocked to read all the DONTS in the leaflet for artificial turf. 

So we thought we would do a bit of compare….

For Artificial  Turf Usage – Bold (Taken straight from the Jiazhou Turf Leaflet) 

Coastal Turf as a representative of Mother Natures Green Grass and Lawns rebuttal – In italics

  • Forbidden to wear long or more than 5mm spikes and high heels on
    • Please wear what ever shoes you want to on the Real mother nature grass. Feel the softness under your bare feet in fact. It’s all natural and all wonderful. High heels will, in fact, aerate your lawn, and football boots tufts will repairs themselves quickly. Even when your little love takes a shovel to the lawn, it will repair itself. 
  • Forbidden any motor vehicles to drive on the artificial turf
    • Please do drive on your lawn. In fact we drive tractors all over the  paddocks before they become your lawn. And people will always want to park their cars on your beautiful Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn. You know your lawn can take it. Your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn is looking after you.
  • Forbidden to put the heavy long term pressure on the artificial turf
    • Long term pressure? Please your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn has been converting all the carbons and pollutants in the air into clean fresh oxygen for you. Even those created by the plastic carpet. How much more pressure can it be put under? Oh you mean the type like having a car on it. No problems. Or a trampoline? Easy; and the kids can walk over to it in whatever shoes they want to! Or None! No matter how hot the weather is your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn will always be cool enough for bare feet. Why not have a game  of bare feet backyard football or cricket while your out there. Or put on the sprinkler for a little while and listen to those giggles come out of your kids mouths. It really makes your day. 
  • Forbidden shot, javelin, discus-style sports or other similar sports on the artificial turf 
    • Please do throw balls, and heavy things around on your lawn. And your school oval! Your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn will literally bounce back! 
  • Forbidden the oil polluting the artificial turf
    • Well, Its not really a good idea to put oil or any pollutants purposefully on your lawn. But rest assured if you do it will absorb it and move the yuck away from you. Your Natural lawn will look after you. 
  • Fireworks forbidden
    • I love sparklers. Its the closest we will get to fireworks in New South Wales backyards for a while. And it is absolutely a better idea to drop it on your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn, than it is on your tiles or wooden deck where it will burn a pattern in. But your lawn will take it all in its stride. The soft green lawn will provide a safe place for your kids to enjoy the sparklers, without fear of harm, to them, or your lawn. 
  • Forbidden chewing gum and all its debris
    • Eat your chewing gum, and whatever else you want to eat on your natural healthy green love lawn. You will only stay alive if you eat, and picnics on Mother Natures Best are always amazing. Natural grass lawns will be comforting and cool when you sit down on them. And the truely best part, is that if you spill some food on the grass, no need to worry about clean up, the lawn will absorb the mess. And the good insects in your lawn will clean up anything else. I cannot guarantee that if someone drops chewing gum on your lawn, you may walk on it and get it caught on your shoes, it won’t be yuck. But you won’t have to rip up and replace your whole artificial plastic carpet lawn because someone dropped a bit of chewing gum.  
  • Sugary drinks forbidden 
    • ALL drinks, be they sugary, alcoholic, milk, coffee, tea based are best consumed while sitting relaxing on your lawn. Get out your deck chair, spread it across your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn and enjoy. And if you happen to get some large arm movements happening, or your kids run and bump your glass over, it doesn’t matter. Your lawn loves you enough to clean up the mess. It will quickly absorb the liquid and the only fuss you will have will be having to pour yourself another. 
Just one of the encouraged pleasure of your Coastal Turf Mother Nature lawn. Enjoying a drink and sweet foods
  • Corrosive Solvents forbidden 
    • Wow! This is like something that I don’t think that anyone should have. But I guess if you do have a chemical spill at your place, after you call the EPA, they will recommend that you place soil over it and then place natural turf across the top. Who are we to argue with the EPA? 
  • Sports artificial turf should keep filling the quartz sand smoothly and water regularly, ensuring the trajectory and bounce of the ball.
    • So even when you pay so much more for the plastic carpet, than you ever will for natural turf grass, you still have to top dress the area, and still water it so the ball runs smoothly? Even though it is not real, you have to waste  our precious resources on a plastic petro-chemical based carpet? To me that is horrible.
    • On your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn, your beautiful natural healthy, life giving lawn, when you water, you are helping yourself. Your lawn will give you fresh air. Not headaches from the petrol chemical smells. It will give you a cooler home, not a carpet outside that is too hot to walk on with bare feet.
    • And when you top dress your lawn with a sandy loam, it will put so much nutrients back into the soil, which again will ensure that your Coastal Turf Mother Natures lawn can cool your home, give you fresh air, and the green lush lawn will make you smile. A natural green lawn will also help your mental health. Research says that a natural green lawn area will actually make you feel HAPPIER! 

So, after careful, probably biased, consideration; I really do believe that a natural lawn is the best for any home! 

At Coastal Turf we pride ourselves on making sure we can match the correct turf to your lawn. If you want to match the lawn you already have, then we will come to your place and help you match your grasses. Or if you have a new build, we will help you choose the right variety for your lawn. Like a shade sandy area, require a Palmetto Buffalo lawn. A full sun area that is going to have lots of Pitter Padder of feet, be they two legged or four legged, needs a totally different lawn. Like a beautiful Blue couch lawn; so soft for little bare feet to run around on. Or a Wintergreen Couch for the rough and tumble of dogs, and backyard sports. Or if you are on a budget, we make sure we can fit the best grass to your financial means. 

So give send us a quick email, and cool your home, breath your fresh air, spill your drinks, and play all day long on your lawn with a smile on your face.