Rainy day lawns – a short story

Its at this time of year, when its raining and wet and your yard starts to get really muddy, that you really appreciate the humble lawn. It’s the green carpet that cleans your boots as you walk along. It’s the soft mat that comforts your kids as they fall upon the ground. It is the saver of your carpets when your family walks from outside.

But when you don’t have the clean green outside, you really start to notice other peoples yards. This is when the “Best lawn in the street” competition really comes into play.

When there is brown and sticky mud around your lovely home your walk to the bus stop takes that so much longer with the kids.

Here is a little story…

As you walk the kids down the street to the bus stop under your umbrella, you splash past lawns that are patchy and have huge puddles forming in the yard. All the water from their yard is starting to run all over the paths, making a great time for your toddler to splash your once dry pants. You and your toddler glance over at your neighbours lawn.  All of a sudden you imagine your little ones in their bright yellow gumboots making a huge splash in your neighbours yard creating a mud pool for them as well. You hold your little ones hand just that little bit stronger as you walk by. They struggle as you walk and your school child complains that it really is too wet to go to school. You cant see the day getting any better, cause when you get home you know that you have a day with a  toddler stuck inside. No amount of Paw Patrol is going to make today better.

Down the road, as you near the bus stop you walk past your new neighbours lawns which have Coastal Turf signs. Their lawns are  magical green lawns of pure brilliance. You start to imagine what your home could look like with the beautiful lawn around your place. The first lawn is soft and an emerald colour. Its fluffy and almost calls for you to take off your shoes and walk across it. Even in the rain. No puddles on this lawn. From your memory you think it is a blue couch lawn.

The next house along has a thick leaf lawn. The kids bounding our of this home look like they have a lovely spring to their steps as they bounce across the lawn. Their shoes don’t appear muddy or grass stained when they arrive to the bus stop just ahead of you. You look down at your shoes and see the mud from home. The kids mother runs out after her chatting two and hands them a lunchbox with a kiss, with a little running toddler behind talking quickly about how his boots make a great sound on the grass. She smiles at you in the knowing ways mums smile at each other when their kids are too “busy” to organise a lunchbox into their own bag. “Lovely weather, isn’t it?” she says to you.

“Oh yes. I’m really not looking forward to having my little one inside all day,” you reply, as you cast your eyes back over her thick green lawn, “What a beautiful lawn you have.”

“Thanks. My husband and I installed it a couple of weekends ago. I’m so glad we got in just before the rain. It’s Palmetto Buffalo from Coastal Turf is great. So easy.”

The bus pulls up with little splash, because the beautiful Palmetto lawn has absorbed the run off.

Your child blows you a kiss as they jump on the bus, and your little one starts to play with her new best friend at the bus stop.

“Hi, I’m Mary. Hey, why don’t you come in for a coffee. The kids can play in the back yard in their boots and jackets if you want. It can’t hurt the grass. And I love not having any mud inside anymore.”

You smile with relief at having adult conversation this morning, as well as giving your toddler time outside without fear of muddy feet. You definitely decide to get Coastal Turf’s number while you chat with your new Bus stop Mum friend.

So give me a call and we can arrange a brilliant green lawn at your place.

Chat soon