Rain Rain Go away

I really do wish that the Rain would go way and come again another day. School holidays with kids inside is bad, but having Farmers inside I think is a little worse. Especially Turf Farmers who just want to be out on their farms. some people are just outside bunnies.

I had a call from a lovely lady who after laying her turf in the pouring rain today remember after the turf had been laid that she hadn’t put down any fertilizer first. “its OK” I said,”The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the rain because the rain saturates and dilutes the organic fertilizer down to the roots”. Hurray!! So I guess the rain isn’t all bad, at least this lovely turf layer’s lawn will still get the nutrients it needs.

So for all of us who aren’t unfortunate enough to be installing turf in the rain and have an already established lawn, now is a great time to fertilize. (And to watch out for lawn grubs! But lets focus on the positives). So make hay while the sun shines but spread Organic fertilizer while it rains!

Yours in Mud