Queensland Blue – the softest and prettiest Grass

I have been talking to lots of Landscapers this week who have been looking everywhere for Qld Blue Couch. It seems that the latest floods have wiped out a lot of other arms stocks. Well, as I have been saying to these grass hunters, we still have some A Grade Qld Blue Couch  and 1000’s of square meters of the B grade Qld Blue couch. At Coastal Turf our B Grade grasses are about 6 weeks younger than the A grade equivalent. So not as thick and fluffy, but with a few weeks of establishment time at your place they can be just as fluffy. One of our landscapers likes the b grade better as it means that he can feed and establish it at the owners place, rather than the farm. Others love the thick lush look of the A grade. Each to their own. That’s why we have 9 different grasses.

Well I’m off to eat more birthday cake.

Cat Soon