Queensland Blue Couch

While walking through the farm today I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of the farm. The Qld Blue Couch paddock is a gorgeous deep green colour after the rain. It really makes me feel calm and tranquil. Which is great after a really full on morning of delivering chatting with people. Sometimes it is really nice to sit back and soak in the beauty around you. Not that I have lots of time for that, that’s why even walking past this paddock makes me feel better.

And I guess not many of us have time to sit back and smell the roses. That’s why when we do need a little bit of tranquility or calming, it is great to be able to cast our eye out over the Qld Blue Couch. Imagine having this lush deep green at your place all year. So whenever you feel a little frazzeled or frayed at the edges you can look outside take that deep breath, breathing in the smell of gorgeous green lawn, and then return to the craziness of our every day lives once more on a more calmer note.


Ahh the magic of A green lawn. Imagine this at your placeChat soon