Queensland Blue Couch

Had a conversation with my lovely 5 year old daughter the other day, who has started to be able to read everything, including the sides of our trucks, as to why we call the nice grass Queensland Blue Couch. I said it was because of the deep green of the grass made made it almost look blue in the sun. She then tilted her head to the side and said that was strange. I asked why and she said that all the Queensland things she saw were Red or Purple ( I think she meant maroon).


This is when I finally clicked onto what she was saying. Each year I buy the kids state of origin shirts, and when we were shopping the other day there where cheap jerseys so I bought 2 Queensland ones for our Boys and a Blue one for Holl cause she was born in NSW. So I said that I think it was “discovered” in Queensland, and it grows really well in Queensland because it doesn’t really frost there.


“Well, they should change it and make the purple grass the Queensland one and the Blue grass should be NSW…” was her indignant reply. The “Purple “grass is Soft Leaf Buffalo because after this really cold winter it has gone purple in some leaves and deep green in others. Great for winter in the shade because the red colour holds and attracts more light so it grows healthy and strong in winter. But the Blue Couch is her favorite. I think because she doesn’t get itchy from it and she knows it safe to wear no shoes on it. Also she is probably just NSW through and through.


So she drew this beautiful picture of her and her best friend on the Blue Grass…

Note the Blue Grass


Gotta love Kids

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